What is covered in a consultation?

  • Review the services offered
  • Learn About Doula Syd section
  • Take the time to learn about the pregnancy and the expectations of a doula
  • Learn if we will be a good fit for each other

What is “On Call”?

For my clients, I reserve the prior and the two weeks after the EDD to be on call. While on call, I am available to the birthing person whenever they need. Because birth is a natural process and can be spontaneous, I block out this time to be as present as possible for my clients. Once a client is in labor, they are instructed to reach out to me.

What is a Doula?

A doula is one-on-one perinatal care professional. Doulas have specialities in birth, postpartum, fertility, abortion and more! There literally is a doula for everyone. A doula is able to provide emotional, physically and educational support to an individual or family. Doulas can help develop a birth plan, provide evidence based education and affirm your decisions and choices.

Are there payment plans available?

All services are broken down into payments. If further planning is needed, that can be discussed at request.

What do Prenatal sessions consist of?

Prenatal sessions are our chance to check in (physically and emotionally), build a birth preferences plan, discuss and practice labor comfort measures, explore postpartum preparation and more. I encourage my clients to come to prenatals with any questions they may have about their pregnancy and birth experience.

What do Postpartum sessions consist of?

During postpartum sessions, the birther will get the opportunity to process the birthing experience, we will discuss recovery and self-care, as well as discuss the breastfeeding experience and newborn care. I can provide referrals and resources to extended care when necessary.