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Led with Love: Childbirth & Parent Preparation

6-week childbirth education and parenthood preparation course covering pregnancy physiology, stages or labor, newborn care and more.

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Latched with Love: Breastfeeding 101 - $75

Self paced breastfeeding 101 course covering initial latching, breastfeeding supports and more. 

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Bond with Love: Bellybinding 101 - $Tbd

Learn about Bengkung traditional postpartum bellybinding. and how to properly bind yourself for postpartum recovery.

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Wrapped with Love: Babywearing 101 - $30

Learn about different carrier types, the history behind babywearing and skills to successfully wear your baby.


Social Work Doula Mentor Program - $75

Bridging two care focused professions to elevate the important of perinatal health.. For Social Work students and professionals interested in pursuing birth work.  


Wrapped With Love: Babywearing Course for Birthworkers

Become a certified baby wearing professional through this course.

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Business Organization Masterclass

Offering tips and methods to stay organized, manage documentation and more for your birth business.

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