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Pregnant Photography

Welcome and Congratulations!

Welcome expecting parents and congratulations! Parenthood is an incredibly transformative experience. As each of our journeys are different, one thing that is true for many of us - a village can make a major difference. As your birth sister, you can count on me to provide evidence-based education, emotional and physical support centering informed decision making and your families desires. I am your advocate and your champion, working by your side to ensure you feel empowered and equipped during your pregnancy and supporting your families vision and goals.


At this time I am not taking any new birth clients.


I will continue to offer private, one-on-one educational sessions, as well as, the group classes and workshops. 



Sydney was a great support to us while being pregnant for the first time in the middle of the pandemic. She offered us strategies and positions for us to labor s long as possible at home. She is genuine, friendly and open answering all ftm questions/concerns.

Anna H.

As a first time mom, I had no clue what to expect during and after pregnancy. Having Sydney as my doula was an amazing experience. She was ready and available whenever I had questions. She helped ease my mind from any confusion and uncertainty. One of my favorite things about Sydney is that she made me realize that my pregnancy is MY pregnancy and to speak up when needed to. Knowing that made my labor and delivery easier than expected. Thank you Sydney for everything! You’re an exceptional Doula!

Happy Family

Ashia Byrd

Sydney was great! She was able to educate my husband and myself about everything: pregnancy, postpartum, & more! I’m so thankful we had her as a doula because I would literally be lost. She’s big on advocating for yourself and breaking information down so it’s understandable. It’s nice to hire a doula, but I would highly recommend Sydney if you want someone to understand you, provide great information, and offer tons of support whenever you need it.

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